Relocation Sale, 1 — 29 February 2016

Watch That Space !

Sometimes good things need to come to an end….. to allow smooth passage for the better things in life.

De Parma has enjoyed six years of growing success at 247 Fulham Road where we have been delighted to provide our clients and friends with spectacular pieces of Modern design and British Art.

Change is one of the most exciting things that one can do, and is essential for the soul.

NO CHANGE = EXTINCTION ………… ask a dinosaur!

As a thank you to our dear clients, De Parma is offering many amazing items of Art and Design in a “RELOCATION SALE“ FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY.

There will be no compromise to STYLE or QUALITY just huge reductions in price.

De Parma is reducing in size in order to increase in stature, dealing with One Off pieces in Design and Art.

Me thinks its time to grab a bargain. Init.


We’ve marked quite a few sale items on the site but lots more in the gallery, worth a visit:

On Sale Visit De Parma